Annoying Characters, Annoying Show–First Season of “Friday Night Lights”

22 06 2012

I’m late to the party, I know. “Friday Night Lights” season one ended a few years ago, but thanks to the joys of Netflix Wii streaming, I’ve discovered the show. I’d been meaning to watch it for a while because it garnered nothing but gushing acclaim. Tonight, I finished season one and headed to Amazon’s reviews, wondering if any reviewers there would see what I did.

Nary a one did. Wow! So, I’m posting this (here and on Amazon) so a bit different voice can be heard.

I’d give this show 2.5 stars on a 5-star scale. It has annoying characters, especially the head coach, Eric Taylor. He’s very egocentric and selfish in his personal life. His wife does an ok-ok job of calling him on it, but she ought to do more. He has a hard time seeing her perspective, and he is not respectful of her at all. I honestly don’t see them as a healthy, respectful married pair. He expects his wife and daughter to be his sidekicks and yes-people.

One season is enough. I doubt I’ll be watching the next season.

Pros: Coach Taylor IS decent to his players, especially an injured player. Nice study of race relations (but anti-gay messages. For example, the coach is anti-gay). Some interesting teen story lines and positive portrayals of people in wheelchairs, especially Herc.

Other cons: Whiny teenager drama. Too much teen sex (half the teen population seems to have gotten involved with an adult). Teens who look thirty. Wacky times (six a.m. piano lessons? Small stores opening at six a.m.?). Too many coincidences of characters running into each other–lazy writing, in other words.