More Now Now Now, Please! :)

29 03 2012

“Whatever You Love” by Louise Doughty is one of these books that makes me want to read the author’s back list NOW NOW NOW. The book does have its weaknesses, but boy, oh boy, Doughty has the right (write) stuff. And it doesn’t hurt the story is set in England.

My biggest beef, I think, is that the blurb is misleading. Here it is: When a hit-and-run car crash claims Laura’s daughter Betty, her life is turned upside down. But when the courts rule the death an accident, the lines dividing justice from punishment will blur as Laura embarks on her own quest for vengeance.

Not much is actually focused on the vengeance, and more should have been for sure. Maybe the last fifty, sixty pages focused on vengeance, and in a delicious twist, it’s not really vengeance against the person we think it’ll be. And the ending is open as to whether vengeance WAS achieved.

Doughty writes beautifully, but like with a book I reviewed recently, the writing sometimes gets in the way of the story. (I love beautiful writing but not for the sake of beautiful writing that otherwise does nothing for the story.) So, yeah, I skimmed or outright skipped large swaths. But even so, there’s plenty that made me want to keep going. You can tell just how much of a good voice Doughty has because right near the beginning, she delves into a huge chunk of back story. She writes it so well it doesn’t really come across as back story.

This is a definite recommend from me.






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