Best $10 I spent

31 12 2011

I have not done a video game review, so FAST Racing League gets the honor of being my first. This is the best $10 I spent. Let me back up a bit. Once upon a time (a few years ago) I got my hands on F-Zero for the GameCube. I instantly took to it like a cat takes to a litter box. It is a toss-up between F-Zero Gamecube and MarioKart Wii for my favorite racing game.

I kept waiting for a F-Zero game for the Wii. Waiting, waiting, waiting…I became skeletal, and dust balls surrounded me. F-Zero for the Wii wasn’t gonna happen.

At this late hour, a savior, proud and mighty, stepped in. “I am FAST Racing League,” it bellowed. “Come to me, F-Zero fans.”

I flocked, and I drank. My parched throat was no more.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FAST Racing League. It’s a WiiWare game, which means you buy it through the Wii and not in stores. It’s not an exact F-Zero clone but has many similarities, such as hovercraft and crazy speeds. It has a few unique twists. Definitely the best $10 I have spent. Now, I wish there were more tracks for the game, and I would gladly cough up more money for more tracks.

FAST Racing League amps up its difficulty considerably after about 1/3 of the game, but that is not a con in my eyes. It’s motivation for me to keep playing and improve. The game goes back to the basics: Get to the finish line fastest. There are no weapons, no attacks, etc. Just strategy, lots of it, and pure racing.

I would be in heaven if F-Zero made a new game AND if FAST made a console-sized game too.




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