“The Perfect Host” – A Shiner of a Movie

7 12 2011

I watched three movies lately, thanks to Netflix Wii streaming. Speaking of that, an  upgrade lately has been, well, not an upgrade. My biggest peeve with this so-called upgrade is that it blankets an entire TV show as having closed captioning or subtitles. In most cases, however, individual episodes here and there (or entire seasons) don’t have the CC. No matter, Mr. Fantastic Upgrade LOOK AT ME, AREN’T I GREAT? labels them as having subtitles. *sigh* 😉

OK, on to the movies. The first is “The Lazarus Project.” Not recommended unless you like driving cool-ass trucks through gaping plot holes. This movie took too long to get started, but I will admit, once it did, it kindasorta held my attention. Why kindasorta? Well, because of these gaping plot holes.

The second movie, which stars David Hyde Pierce, shone. Thank goodness! Even an unnecessary third act didn’t doom the movie. I recommend “The Perfect Host” wholeheartedly. My favorite movie is the black comedy “Serial Mom,” and “The Perfect Host” belongs square dab in that category. There’s still room for gaping-hole truck driving in the third act, but the previous parts of the movie make up for it.

The third movie was “The Oxford Murders” with Elijah Wood. Um. One of these movies that thinks it is smart but is unreservedly qualified to become a truck driver for The Gaping Plot Hole Truck Company. I suspected right away who the killer was, and I was right. Also, Elijah Wood’s character makes one giant logical leap too much, and that leap in particular doomed the movie for me. Not recommended.

Go watch “The Perfect Host” now!






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