Review: “Obedience” by Will Lavender

20 08 2011

*** WARNING: mild spoilers.

Ironic that a book that centers around a professor teaching a logic and reason class spectacularly fails the sniff test. This book is no mere skunk, no sir. Where to start…

The first tipoff is at the beginning, when the narrator is talking about how students who signed up for the class desperately were trying to find a picture of their professor. Come on. College kids don’t give a freak about that. They don’t put enough effort in their studies as is. They are certainly not going to expend valuable time on the professor, especially before the semester begins. Other actions the students took were not believable, either. Further into the book, why did NO ONE go to the police? Why did the students not seek out this professor’s past students?

I figured out the twist about halfway through the book but kept hoping I was wrong. I kept hoping the author knew better. Nope. This author is a professor. He should know that a review board has to approve experiments. And the project in question was so ludicrous. Also, the conclusion the lead researcher drew was wrong. (Message me if you want to know why.)

Also, coincidences abounded, like a male coincidence rabbit and a female coincidence rabbit got busy producing coincidence babies, who in turn produced their own coincidence babies and so on.

Bottom line: Interesting, but flawed premise that deserved much, much better.




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