Review of “Never Knowing” by Chevy Stevens

16 07 2011

I really liked Chevy Stevens’ first book, “Still Missing.” I was totally with “Still Missing” until near the end, when the subplot with the mom unraveled. Stevens’ next book, “Never Knowing,” is decent but has more problems than “Still Missing.” There is a similar bad unraveling of a subplot near the end, plus I never fully fell into the character of the “Never Knowing” protagonist. I certainly did with the “Still Missing” protagonist. I think one issue is that “Never Knowing” is a lot of tell and not show. We know how the character is feeling because she tells us. There are quite a few instances of over-dramatization that backfire and do NOT add tension to the story. Plus the police characters are just not believable. I also found it hard to believe one main character, an avid outdoorsman, never learned how to swim. Weak writing.

Bottom line: Rent “Never Knowing.” Don’t buy it.




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