Run Home, Amelia Bedelia!

14 07 2011

Know who is groovy? Amelia Bedelia. I’m 32 years old, and I still worship the woman.

Little story: My wife and I are adopting a child. Yesterday we were visiting him at the group home where he lives. Near the end of the visit, the supervisor told us: “Wrap up the time.”

The day before, I had re-read three Amelia Bedelia books, so I said: “Where’s the wrapping paper?” Amelia Bedelia would have wrapped up the clock, I guarantee you.

If you’re trying to teach your kids about multiple word meanings and slang, go the Amelia way!

Here are some of my favorite jokes in honor of Amelia.

Q: How do you get a blonde on the roof?
A: Tell her drinks are on the house.

Q: Why did the boy ask his mother to stand under the stairs?
A: He had always wanted a stepmother.

Q: Why did the wife tell her husband to be quiet around medication?
A: As not to wake the sleeping pills.

Q: How do you make time fly?
A: Throw a clock out the window.

A nun, a priest and Godzilla walked into a bar.

We’ll probably be back to first-page comparisons tomorrow. Share your jokes and see you later!




One response

14 07 2011
Doris Riley Short

Long time ago they called ’em ‘little moron jokes’ as in : Why did the little moron bury his (dog, girl friend, mother, etc) under the porch.? Answer is , So he could sing, I’m Walking the Floor Over You which was title of a whiny country song at the time.

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