Which Is Groovier?

10 07 2011

Hey, everyone. A big part of what I am going to do with this blog is compare two books’ first pages. You know all the stuff agents and editors say: ground the reader, hook the reader, establish a conflict, make the reader want more, and avoid overly descriptive and static prose. I’ll be looking for these elements and more. The blog will focus on GLBT works but is not limited to it.

If you’re an author (for any age and any genre) and interested in having your first page here, drop me an email. A few points to keep in mind:

– At least the first page of your work must be accessible online somewhere (for example, on Amazon.com through the “Look Inside” feature and/or the Kindle sample option). If it’s not online–like if you have not published your work yet–I could probably get it up on the blog.

– No poetry, please (unless your first page includes poetry, then have at it).

– Be prepared for constructive criticism from me and other readers.

For readers: Please remain polite. Point out what was done right and what might need improvement. The sandwich method works pretty well (positive, negative, positive).




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